Real Live Knight Rides Through Perth, Ontario On Mother’s Day As He Heads Across Canada

Vincent Gabriel Kirouac, Coeur-de-Lion, Lionheart,knight,crossing CanadaJust seven weeks into a cross-Canada ride that began in Riviere-duLoup, Quebec, Sir Loves A Lot, aka Vincent Gabriel Kirouac and his mare Coeur-de-Lion (Lionheart) walked down the main streets of Perth, Ontario to pay homage to Big Ben at Stewart Park before continuing on his journey. It seemed that he couldn’t move 200 feet without being stopped by people wanting to take his picture and speak to him. He draws the public like a magnet. Knight crossing Canada, Perth Ontario, Lanark CountyIt seems almost a fairytale come true to see him and his mount walking down these modern streets and given that Kirouac’s goal is to inspire kindness, giving and chivelry in people, it wasn’t far down Drummond Street that a local resident came out bearing an apple for Lionheart; a testiment to his success as a knight. Kirouac has set his goal on crossing Canada upon Coeur-de-Lion or walking at her side. He hopes to complete his journey within six months. When asked how he is making his way, he said that he is somewhat dependent on the kindness of farmers allowing him to rest his horse and take shelter along the way. The next village in Lanark County to be charmed will be Maberly, Ontario as he says he will continue down Hwy 7 towards Toronto.

Vincent Gabriel Kirouac, Coeur-deLion,Lionheart,crossing Canada,Knight

By Kelly Munro

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